Partial List - Paid and Coming to the Reunion

Below is a partial list that Reunion Committee, Inc gave us stating who is coming to our reunion. If you have registered but are not on this list, please e-mail us at: and we will add your name to our JBHS 1975 30-Year Reunion List. This way people will know you are coming and can look forward to seeing you!

Chris Abrahms
Nancy Allen
Kathy Austin
Evelyn Bagtasos
Julie Bailey
Jeff Barnett
Ingrid Barretto
Randy Bestle
Ron Bishop
Melodee Bonica
James Boysen
Dana Brandt
Peter Carrisoza
Carolynn Carson
Caryn Daggett
Louis Dargenzio
Kevin Davies
Tony De Felicis
Diana Dellamarie
Erica Elvine
John Faber
Janet Farrell
Sue Farrell

Randy Figueroa
Ed Fiock
Pat Galbraith
Barbara Garay
Karen Gerson
Vicki Gibbs
Patti Ginnetti
Mark Girouard
Renee Godbey
Debbie Gomez
Thomas Gorey
Paul Graber
Allyson Griffith
Steve Griswold
Daniel Guin
William Hale
Greg Hall
David Hansen
Cathy Harper
Joe Hoage
Daniel Houy
Eric Huitink
Jill Iverson

Robert Jackson
Theresa Keeley
Roger Kulpa
Demetrios Kyriacou
Anthonia Lauria
Randy Laws
Anita Lemaster
Bob Lento
Choi Lew
Merle Lintz
Cindi Logan
Karen Lowe
Bill Lucas
Lu Ann Malinoff
Michael Marker
Janis McMechan
Joe Mersola
Tim Milner
Vicki Mitchell
Jeff Neal
Dean Ohanian
Dan Ortoski
Carol Osborn

Bea Palm
Glen Phillips
Romel Posada
James Powers
Sigurd Procyk
Robert Puttnam
Marsha Ramirez
Oralia Rivera
Brad Ross
Javier Sadeikis
Linda Schermerhorn
Peggy Schnoebelen
Mike Serrano
Debbie Sheehan
Stuart Sollod
Mona Standefer
Donald Stirling
Margot Teller
Jeanne Troyanek
Marc Trudeau
Kim Van Vlack
Juliana Weger
Julie Williams
Dave Wisotsky

Note: this is just a partial list of Class of 1975 classmates who have registered and paid; it does not include spouses or guests who are also coming to the Reunion. If you have registered but are NOT on this list, please fire us an e-mail!     Thanks, Tony D.