November 23, 2005
Dear JBHS Class of 1975!
WOW! What a NIGHT!   I think Tim Milner summed it up best when he posted these words on our JBHS 1975 website:  "What an AWESOME night!  That had to be the BEST REUNION EVER!!!  You guys ROCK!!!"
I got a call yesterday from Mark Arthur, our reunion DJ.  Mark told me our reunion was the BEST reunion he had witnessed all year!  Former JBHS teacher and coach Ken Tada called it a night of "class!"  And just two days before the reunion, former teacher and coach Merle Stone told me these words:  "There was just something 'special' about the JBHS Class of 1975!"    
Perhaps this "SPECIAL-NESS" was highlighted through the magic of our 1974 football team, a group of young boys who had no real preseason all-stars, yet united a school and community with their play by becoming the first team in the history of the school to go undefeated in preseason and league play.  I was able to give Michael Marker a rare 16mm film of our 1974 team (as most of our game film had previously been destroyed), and thanks to Michael's film experience and expertise, he transferred this 16mm film to a DVD and the result was something special.
For the first time in over three decades, our classmates were able to see what was, up to that point, only a distant memory.  Of course, I'm referring to the opportunity to watch once again the 4th quarter film of our 1974 varsity team beating Bell Gardens in the playoffs and setting the school record of 11 wins in a row... a record that still stands today, some 31 seasons later.  In addition, it was wonderful to have present at our reunion and to honor former teachers/coaches Bob Dunivant, Ken Tada, Marty Garrison and Dave Jackson!  We have been indeed touched by their lives.

However, we know the "special-ness" of the JBHS Class of 1975 goes way beyond that magical football season.  I believe this "special-ness" is a combination of having classmates that are bonded together by TRUE FRIENDSHIP!  We are a group of very diverse people who genuinely care and love one another!  It was amazing to witness classmates conversing who had not seen each other in 10, 20, or even 30 years, and yet sitting down and renewing their friendship like not a day had gone by... 

Yet, this "special-ness" is also about "CELEBRATION!"  Last Saturday night our Class of 1975 came together to celebrate!  It was so great to see the joy on everyone's faces all night long!    Anddddddddddddddd... who will ever forget the special and unexpected visit from the biker gang - the "Burroughs Bad Boys!"    Who were those guys????? Can you name all of them?  lol...   They were definitely "Bad to the Bone" and were "Born to be Wild!"  Bob Cowsill said that, for the rest of his days, whenever he plays the song "Born to be Wild", he will forever envision that "Biker Trio" doing their song and dance routine that brought the house down!  And, speaking of Bob Cowsill, wow what a BAND!!!  Those guys had our class rockin' to a full dance floor up to the close of our event - at 1am!!!!  We are a class that loves to "move and groove!" 
The Burroughs Bad Boys surprised everyone
with an unexpected visit on their "motor-bicyles"
as Harley sounds and the song "Bad to the Bone"
blared... and then they brought the house down
with their song-and-dance routine to
"Born To Be Wild!"
If you are a classmate who, for whatever reason, missed this event, YOU REALLY MISSED ONE AMAZING EVENING!  However, for those who missed this night because they didn't have a choice... people like Gloria Arredondo, Mike Farrell, Jon Gutru, Lousie Hardgraves, Russell Hoffmann, Kevin Johnson, Colleen Delaney, Chari Mont, Vince Padilla, Cathy Wise, and Jeff Smith (am I missing anyone?)... your memories will forever live in our hearts.  And we truly do "Hope we see you in Heaven!"
I want to say thank you to our hard working "Special Forces - Reunion Team!"  These friends were unified, uniquely gifted, did an AMAZING JOB, and wow, did we ever kick-butt together!  Thank you Mike Marker, Roger Kulpa, Tim Milner, Vicki Gibbs, Barbara Garay, Joe Mersola, Louie Dargenzio and Don Stirling. You all are an incredible team!
I will NEVER FORGET the evening of November 19, 2005!  Thank you Class of 1975 for giving me one of my best memories in this thing called life!  This was one FANTASTIC CELEBRATION!!!!  Until our next BIG BASH...
Much Love,
Tony De Felicis
...for the Class of 1975 Reunion Team 
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